Valentine’s Day Approaches {with a valentine or without one, here are plenty of excuses to use on the 14th}

Either get it for your sweetie, or get it for yourself. Dominique Ansel Bakery on Spring Street between Sullivan and Thompson is the best. All that you see above exists. You’re wondering what the mysterious goodie is in the middle? It is a “Perfect Little Egg Sandwich.” Aka a small brioche with creamy scrambled eggs and gruyere. The “Gâteau Battu” on the left is almost like a popover (amazing) and on the right is chocolate croissant, of course. Go there now. And for the garments. I love red anytime. From the top left: Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote $530, A.P.C. Gingham Sailor Top $235, Miu Miu Leather Brogues $510. Bottom from the left: Alexander Wang Crepe de Chine Dress $450, Stella McCartney Wool Jumpsuit $1,245, Isabel Marant Drop Earrings $95 & Alexander Wang Trimmed Glossed Jacket $745. All SO good.


Happy (Over) One Year Word by Jessie {commemorating the accomplishments, the best posts & the fantastic graphics}

Cheers to over a year of providing “fab facts for fab people!” I, the self proclaimed “blogger and fashion fiend,” felt it necessary to celebrate. Word by Jessie has had a pretty great year. The blog started in September 2010 and continues to grow. Miss. Word was featured in Seventeen Magazine as a blogger & model in their July Issue and will be featured again in their special “Prom” issue. Two2 prom dresses under $100 were styled and then modeled by Miss. Word by Jessie has made guest appearances on Fashables and Wink’s blog. She’s one of Brandy Melville’s “Things We Love.” In addition, Word by Jessie herself spent a month interning in the beautiful city of Paris while interning at APC. She then interned some more at Diane von Furstenberg & Cynthia Steffe. Stopping here, but it’s been pretty great. Keep reading, Love y’all!






Pinks In More Ways Than One {on the market via netaporter and at the parties via acria}

Obviously Netaporter has only the most fabulous pale pink options for this fall. I love this Missoni dress, along with the Phillip Lim pants, Stella scarf and Miu Miu pumps. All truly to die for. It goes further than what is available for purchase. It was readily seen at the Acria rooftop party. I loved Chris Benz’s fluorescent hair and Waris Ahluwalia’s pop of pink. Can’t wait to rock this look transitionally.


Vegan Clothing, What Do We Really Think? {voicing my opinion, don’t judge}

While awaiting the entrance to a show on Bond Street in New York this past Sunday, I was graced with the presence of an extremely passionate Vegan activist. In all honesty, she was rather obnoxious, but it got me thinking.

Celebrities have been either getting on the Vegan band wagon, or staying as far as they can away from it. From Paris Hilton’s controversial Carl’s advertisements, to Pam Anderson’s PETA endorsements, animal activism has taken the media.

Gags is apparently off the Veganist bandwagon. This BAMF took it to a different extreme. Kind of love though?

The Stella McCartney “Orange Campaign” spoke to Stella’s true Veganist passion. In fact, the designer does not use any animal fabrics or products in her designs.

My opinion? Who cares. Do what makes you happy. But don’t proclaim it in my ear on a Sunday afternoon.

Net-A-Porter is having a sale. {& ima help you shop it cause it’s overwhelming}

It’s kind of a big deal. Somewhat depressing for me that I am completely broke from Paris, but at least I can help ya’ll pick out some clutch pieces.

My big rule with incredible sales is accessories. Get yourself a great pair of shoes because you are going to get more use out of shoes than a top. These are all fantastic pairs and all on the Net. But scoop em up, they’re about to sell out.

From the left: Isabel Marant 40% now $693, Alexander Wang 50% now $325, Alexander Wang 40% now $411 & Chloe 40% now $417.

Bags are another thing that make for perfect sale purchases. The Net has quite a selection. These are my favorites.

From the left: Alexander McQueen 30% now $1,536, Stella McCartney 40% now $1,299 & Alexander Wang 40% now $477.

Obviously Marant. When it’s on sale, you’ve gotta get it. Love these bottoms. Go to for more.

Absolutely Absurd Pricing {stella mccartney purses}

Typically, I am not one to complain about the pricing of handbags. I respect that there are multiple reasons why designers price their bags high or low, but Stella McCartney has taken it too far. I understand that she is synonymous with vegan fashion, but her prices do not represent this in the least. $2,100.00 for a crocheted bag? I don’t think so. All of her purses are priced above a grand. Such absurdity!