Necessary Staples for the Spring Time {how to get out the door in style}

Finally the weather is allowing us to enjoy the beautiful Spring time! Time to put away those heavy knit sweaters ladies, (I hope) & put on some fun frocks. These pieces are imperative in every fashionistas closet. #1 WEDGES. Pair them with jeans or a dress, they look great almost any way. #2 Fitted Khakis. I am all about classics, and fitted chinos look great on just about everyone. I am a fan of AG’s and J Brand’s. #3 Oxford Shoes. Don’t feel dopey, they are totally it right now and look fab with a pair of shorts or a loose dress. #4 The Coveted Backpack. I have been all over the Alexander Wang Marti for this season. It captures that biker chic look with a luxe twist. #5 Chambray Shirt. No explanation necessary, just buy one. #6 Equipment Dress. I strongly urge everyone to purchase this. It’s flattering on every figure and can be worn endless ways. Try it with a belt, cardigan or scarf! #7 Boho Hobo. It plays down every look with cohesion. This DVF option is fantastic.


Am I Crazy? I kind of like Juicy Couture’s Spring Line.

Yes, truth be told, I was a total Juicy Couture girl in my pre-teen/early teen years. If it was a graphic tee, and said Juicy on it, I owned it. But as I grew older, Juicy became a little too jappy and I was drinking the kool aid. When Juicy was bought by Liz Claiborne, the collections were no longer collections at all, but velour track suits in an abundance of colors and styles. But…crazily enough…something miraculous has happened this Spring season. Juicy Couture is kind of cute. Make sure you are sitting down to look at these photos, you won’t believe your eyes.

We can’t expect Chanel, it’s still Juicy, but I think these are some pretty cute pieces. Very easily translatable, and relatively good price points. For more visit If I had a boat load of money to blow, I would be all over Bird by Juicy Couture. The looks are super cute, but the price tag is a headache. Here are two of my favorite Bird pieces for the Spring. (A girl can dream.)