Can’t Believe I Am Missing {the colette 15th anniversary carnival at tuileries this weekend}

Quite possibly the best event of the year. Colette, the coolest concept store in Paris on Rue Saint-Honoré, is hosting a free carnival this weekend in the Tuileries Gardens. It’s going to be awesome. There will be a 43,000 square foot carnival tent with booths from Colette’s favorites: an Edith A. Miller kissing booth, a Carhartt shooting range, a Nike basketball court and even a Repetto led ballet class (plus more). Of course A.P.C. will be there and sponsoring too. I am so jealous of any and everyone that gets to attend this fantastic event. It is not to be missed. Can’t wait to see follow up coverage and photographs. What could be wrong with a Colette sponsored carnival in the Tuileries? Absolutely noting.


Once Again Sorry. {happy pre fall paris fashion, i’ve been working and getting ready to move}

Have y’all been keeping up with the Paris Pre-Fall fashion shows? They’ve been pretty good so far I must say. I have been absolutely crazy, as usual, but I promise once I am back in the city full time I will be back on normal Word by Jessie schedule. Moving on Friday. Can’t WAIT. Otherwise been working on Mercer. Stay tuuuuuned.

Au Revoir Paris, Hello New York {my last day: wize & ope in the marais and saying goodbye to the gals at chez justine on rue oberkampf}

Another fabulous vacation in Paris. I can’t even begin to describe the time I had. Weird to be back in the city, but kinda good.

Seeing as my last day was a Sunday, I took to the Marais. I shopped around and visited Wize & Ope. It’s a super dope store, which carries watches, headphones and apparel. I scooped a trendy polo for my bro. Wasn’t as successful for myself, but I did manage to swing the The Kooples shirt I have been raving about. I then made my way to Rue Oberkampf to say goodbye to my Parisian ladies. I met them at this chic retro Bistro called Chez Justine. I highly suggest any and everyone check this spot out when visiting Paris (in the 11th arrondissement). Great music, great decor, I wish I knew about it sooner! Anyways people, time for the Holiday season!

Cafe Marcel, Hotel Amour & MadaM {the unconventional but fantastic thanksgiving in paris}

My Parisian Thanksgiving commenced at Cafe Marcel in Montmartre. I thought it was only appropriate to enjoy an American meal. My waffles were pretty good, I must say, and the setting was adorable. It was a wonderful way to start my day in Montmartre.

After quite a bit of window shopping, I found myself at Hotel Amour. The chicest place in town. I had a café in their lobby. I highly suggest this spot for any coolies visiting Paris. From what I hear, the rooms are pretty dope. As for the night, my friends and I went to the MadaM in the Champs. It was a super fun night and an awesome spot. Great atmosphere, music & design. While I wasn’t eating turkey, it was a pretty damn good Thanksgiving.

What I Got & What I Need {my new isabel marant pitt jeans and the kooples tops i want}

My first purchase in Paris. These fantastic Isabel Marant Pitt Jeans. Not only are they warm and comfortable, but the fit is absolutely perfect. Slouchy, distressed & tapered. So good. And for Marant, their price tag is not too hefty. As for what I want to buy. I could buy both the entire American Retro store and The Kooples store. Both such chic French street brands. The two Kooples tops below are necessities.

My Most Recent Meals in Paris {they’ve been real good at bread & roses and merci café}

Yesterday I was a chic Parisian thanks to Inès. I took her up on grubbing suggestion and I checked out Bread & Roses in the 8th. While my lunch completely broke the bank, it was worth every penny. I ordered “le petit chèvre,” which consists of chèvre on nut and raisin toasts, topped with sun dried tomatoes. It also came with a side salad. Could not have been better. Today I went to Merci café on Beaumarchais. I had been to the store, but never the café. It was adorable. Such a fantastic setting. The food was equally pleasing. I had a parmesan and prosciutto salad with fresh tomatoes and baguette. Definitely saved shopping at the store for dessert. I may or may not have bought a pair of Isabel Marant jeans in my travels today. Stay tuned.

A Personal Favorite {i wish american retro was in america}

It’s gotta be my favorite place to shop here in Paris (aside from Isabel). American Retro knows what’s up. Their Parisian chic street style aesthetic is always right on. The company was started in 2002 and grows more fabulous with age. It is favored by my girls Alexa Chung, Lily Allen and Rihanna. Thank god for their eCommerce site, I can’t do without this brand when I’m in the states. Entirely necessary for everyone to check them out. Links to their site and their eCommerce site are clickable from the images above and below.