My New Favorite & Chic Chinese Dining Spot {cafe china on east 37th street and 5th avenue}


After hearing numerous rave reviews of the midtown Chinese restaurant, my family and I decided to check it out this past Saturday night. I was immediately impressed by the stylish interior and antique bar. The food that followed seized to amaze. We shared many dishes, but the favorite was filets of sole in miso sauce. My suggestion, of course. The filets were dressed in a thick and tangy sauce, which was flavorful and spicy. Mmmmmmm. Too good. Other fantastic dishes included (but were not limited to) their scallion pancakes, pot stickers, baby ribs in bamboo leaves and the three pepper chicken. I am hungry thinking about it. Please check it out. And bring friends.




My New Pride & Joy {celine sunglasses in navy blue}

I have finally obtained the ideal Celine sunglasses. They are beyond beautiful. I am truly obsessed. I needed a suitable replacement for my (excuse my French) beat to shit Ray Ban sunglasses. Indeed, it was time to upgrade. Not only do my new sunnies have green polarized frames, but they are the most gorgeous navy blue. An added plus: they fit my pin sized head. Won’t tell you how I found them for a steal, but either way, they are my new summer staple.

Hiatus Averted {it’s finally summer and i promise it’s the last time i’ll say sorry, ps. miss lily’s now has a store?}

After a few wonderful days in Atlanta, Georgia, celebrating my cousin’s graduation from Emory, I am finally back in New York. In even better news, I am officially on summer vacation. While I will be working at A.P.C. full time, it could not feel better to take a rest from school. Therefore you can expect more regular updates. I truly apologize, things as usual have been crazy but now all shall be normalized. ALSO! Guess what? Now Miss Lily’s, the super cool Jamaican restaurant and neighboring juice bar, which are located on Sullivan Street in Soho, have opened a record shop and boutique store. It is just adorable. I got an awesome t-shirt and checked out their great tunes. Please stop by. It’s on Sullivan’s Houston Street corner.

Decorating The Apartment {jonathan adler, paris & design within reach}

Remember the fabulous Jonathan Adler and Parisian pieces above? Definitely salvaged these ones from my dorm uptown for my new apartment downtown. I absolutely love the deco style of his kitchen ware and desk accessories. The Parisian towels and bathmat could not look cuter in my bathroom. Now for the new stuff. Design Within Reach was my go to. The Twilight sleeper is the perfect combination between a great looking couch and a comfortable bed. The Setu chair and Blu Dot desk are modern and fabulous. The Cognita storage bench is just awesome. So happy to see everything coming together! The process has been so fun too.

2 Things: New Buys & New Finds {carhartt, aritzia and étoile garb & opening ceremony’s bites on a budget}

So excited about my newest purchases on my budget. First is my new beanie. In the past 2 months I have lost 2, but they have been replaced with the best yet. This Carhartt beanie is available on the Carhartt website for only 8 bucks. Steeeeeeeeal and so dope. I almost equally love the Varsity jacket I got on sale today at Aritzia. It is my personal way to fill the void for the APC Carhartt Varsity jacket that I would kill for. If you are in the market and have the change, check out the collab. Lastly, in making a return at Barney’s, I came across these fabulous Marant pants. While they were part of her Fall collection, they seem pretty Spring to me? Either way, I’m wearing them year round and I can’t wait. Open Ceremony’s bites on a budget is probably the best thing for any New Yorker. The bloggers at OC comprise, on a very frequent basis, a “bite on a budget” (aka a meal that is delicious under $10). I’m down. Thanks OC!

APC First Day {tomorrow at their mercer street store}

Tomorrow will be my first day working at APC Mercer St. I could not be more excited to join the APC family again. Not to mention they have really great pieces for this season. I am obsessed with the fur hood below and the pink striped sweater. But in reality, it’s all pretty dope. Come visit me.

My New Retail Job {at A.P.C. mercer street, you’re jealous}

I guess I couldn’t get enough of A.P.C., because I am joining their family once again! I couldn’t be more excited. Within the next two weeks I will begin working at their Mercer Street store. A.P.C. is the bomb, so y’all better come and visit me.