Apology Entirely Necessary {sorry for my absence: good day ny, better tv show & an a.p.c. overstock sale}


I am extremely apologetic for my long absence. I have been crazy busy. Not only is my semester finishing (SUMMER), but I have also been working a ton. In addition, my Seventeen Prom gigs have been filmed! Unfortunately due to the termination of the TV show “The Revolution” as a whole, our segment was not filmed. But, the Good Day NY and Better TV show filmings went great! I have attached the links below. Enjoy my Carrie Bradshaw tutu. 

Good Day NY: http://www.myfoxny.com/dpp/good_day_ny/prom-fashion-with-seventeen-magazine-20120420

Better TV Show: http://better.tv/view/fashion3-fashion-perfect-prom-dress

In other news, y’all should check out the A.P.C. over stock sale this weekend in Brooklyn! It is at 51 Bergen Street, The Invisible Dog. It is an easy subway ride from Manhattan on the F line. Get off at Bergen Street and you are right there! I found a shearling coat for a steal. Information has been provided below.