Official Instagram Presence {follow me @jjchase}

I can’t believe I did not post this sooner. I am (and have been for quite some time) on Instagram! Follow me for solid entertainment @jjchase. Quality stuff guys.


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How I’m Keeping Warm in More Than One Way {etoile isabel marant puffer & stumptown roasters at the ace hotel}

The coveted winter puffer jacket. An Isabel Marant down coat. It may or may not currently be in my wardrobe already ;) It’s warm, it’s puffy, it’s awesome. No more cold and cranky cold days for me, this coat will be keeping me seriously warm. I weathered last winter in no such thing, I deserve to roam the streets carefree this season! I kind of wish it were already freezing, just to throw this beaute on! Coffee is another topic of conversation for the upcoming 50 and below days. I have grown painfully addicted to Stumptown Coffee. The “Hair Bender” blend in particular. Luckily, Third Rail Coffee brews it just a few blocks from my house, but I highly suggest going to Stumptown’s sole brick and mortar location in the Ace Hotel. They’re serious about coffee there with good reason. Their iced latte is pretty incredible. Soon I will be saying goodbye to decidedly iced drinks and moving to other end of the spectrum. Stumptown, you will continue to be my friend. Today I picked up my own bag of “Hair Bender” to brew at home. Hoorah!



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Goodbye iPhone 4 Hello iPhone 5 {tech enthusiasm at it’s greatest and a tribute to the best in iphone 4 cases}

You’re probably wondering (if you’re a tech junkie/enthusiast like me) who could have possibly pre ordered the iPhone 5 successfully? Who is actually receiving their new iPhone 5 on September 21st when they are released via FedEx pre order? Ladies and gentlemen, I am one of these few. But not by luck. I am one of the loonies that pre ordered this new (and absolutely fabulous) gadget at 3 a.m. EST (12 a.m. PT) on September 14th. I wanted to take a moment to tribute the best iPhone 4 cases, as I will be saying goodbye to my white phone on Friday for Apple’s new black and slate counterpart. First, I truly hope incase continues their Andy Warhol graphically designed cases for the iPhone 5. There are so many options and they are all sooooo good. Unfortunately I was unable to acquire a Garance Doré x Kate Spade collaboration case. This “Oh my god that’s hilarious” illustrated plastic is a keeper. The Apple bumpers are versatile and perfect. I wonder if they will make a new variation of this classic? Lastly, the Colette x Darcel Disappoints case. I blew quite a bit of change on a similar iPhone Darcel Colette collaboration, but have 0 regrets. As for the new phone, you’ve probably heard and/or read all you need to know so I won’t bore y’all with the nitty gritties. But I am super excited. Essentially counting down the hours until FedEx is at my doorstep…

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My New York Fashion Week Highlights {rebecca taylor, peter som, jason wu, marc jacobs & pardon my french}

While I was unfortunately not in attendance at the shows this year, my iPad brought all the fun to my apartment! Thank you Apple. Honestly, I was rather disappointed with most Spring/Summer 2013 runway collections. They were boring for the most part. But instead of highlighting the sad and bad, I found four shows, thus far, particularly fantastic! Rebecca Taylor always does it for me. She maintains a clean cut aesthetic with an incredibly reinvented runway show every season. This particular collection encompassed Taylor’s typical girly element but equally edgy. I found Jason Wu’s collection wonderful in the same regard. Edgier than I was expecting in the best way possible. Marc Jacobs truly surprised me this year. I will always respect his shows but I do not typically love them. This one was different. The bare midriffs and tailored suits were a great combination. The silks and shimmering …beautiful. Lastly, Peter Som, your collection had a sublime pastel palate and fine lines. Crazy to be thinking about the warm weather as the cold is soon upon us! What an exciting time of the year. On another note, a huge shout out to my favorite blogger Garance Doré. Your “Pardon my French” videos have kept me well abreast and entertained this New York Fashion Week. Keep them coming!

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Back to School Shoes & Joe’s Coffee Columbia Style {too many shoes and coffee snobbing}

As my first day of school is nearly upon me, (September 4) I not so much needed, but desperately wanted new shoes. Behold my jet black Acne Pistol boots and A.P.C. x Nike suede dunks. After many months of agonizing after these Acne kicks, I decided they were a necessity and therefore purchased. Secondly, the A.P.C. Nike collab launched yesterday and how could I not join in on the fun? These purchases have left my studio closet overflowing, yet my Fall wardrobe (almost) complete. As if I wasn’t excited enough for my new academic endeavor, I recently learned that there is a Joe’s Coffee AT Columbia. Honestly, what could be better? (Maybe a Stumptown on campus, but ok.) Wish me luck on my first day!


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Ready For Fall {scoring the bag and shoes on sale: burberry chelsea boots and alexander wang tote}

I could not be more ready for the Fall, (literally) in every way possible. The shoes, the clothes, the weather and the upcoming school year are all very much on my radar screen. Luckily, I was able to score my big pieces on sale in the past few weeks. The first are these incredible Burberry Chelsea boots. I wandered into Scoop on my day off and got very lucky. They’re awesome. Also, my new school bag! The traditional Alexander Wang Prisma tote but in a classic and durable grey fabric. Another sale item. A.K.A. I’ve been winning and I know this Fall will be too.  Who else is excited?


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Caribbean Vacation Family Style {from st john with love and the delicious fatty crab island style}

What a wonderful vacation. I returned to New York City yesterday after my much anticipated family vacation to Saint John in the US Virgin Islands. The weather was beautiful and the food was absolutely delicious. Already back to the normal routine, but still reminiscing of this great trip. One of the (definite) highlights was dining at The Fatty Crab. We enjoyed brunch and TWO dinners there. So you know it was good. Menu is listed below. We tried basically everything. The “Yellow Curry Chicken” was among the favorites. Apparently it’s on the menu at the West Village location. See ya there!

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