About Moi

Howdy all. I am Jessie, born and bred in Montclair, NJ. I currently live in Soho, my real home. I will be attending Barnard College in the Fall. I work at A.P.C. W 4th.

Contact me: jessiejoan@gmail.com

5 Responses to About Moi

  1. pixie yates says:

    love your the new look ! your blog looks/is great!


  3. Nancy Alberga says:

    Wow, Miss Jessie…so great your blog and am thrilled for you! You are a BIG KEEPER. Hugs to you cutie. Nancy

  4. Charley PdB says:

    Looks great Jess!!! Love love love reading through :-) Guess what, I worked at the original Brandy Melville in Florence, Italy, freshmen year at NYU! Cant wait to see the great stuff you got from them! See you in just a few days… xoxo

  5. YS says:


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