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Best açaí bowls in Paris {are found at wild & the moon and liife eat smart}


So açaí is kinda one of my favorite things to eat. But only when it is good, like really good. When it’s not just a smoothie with a few grains sprinkled on top and sliced banana to look pretty. I look to an açaí bowl for a real meal and an antioxidant boost. Whether you’re aware or not at all, this fruit has super food benefits (the highest of antioxidants of all foods to date!) Alors, while not only delicious, it works your immune system just as it should. But where can you find a real good bowl with a copious amount of granola and everything done right? I have the answer – Wild & The Moon and Liife Eat Smart.


At Wild & the Moon their bowl is very very simple, but just perfect (shown above). Made using their raw granola, (that contains activated raw quinoa & almonds, and a blend of raw seeds, with a heavenly apple, vanilla cinnamon flavor), fresh blended açaí, bananas and a sprinkle of coconut you are surely taken to the moon and back. I could eat it everyday, and if you check my Instagram, you know it is a part of my weekly routine. Liife Eat Smart comes close (shown below). Their’s also is made using homemade granola, fresh açaí and bananas as well as a sprinkle of chia and other seasonal fruits. Yea, it’s good, real good. For more info on these spots check their websites. I promise no disappointments.


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