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The Studio {the most unique and intelligent yoga experience out there}


Yesterday on my last day in NYC, I decided to venture out and take a very different kind of yoga class. I decided to check out The Studio. I must admit this was far from any yoga I have ever experienced in my life. The practice was not only incredibly intelligent, but I learned so much about my personal practice from this magical experience.


So what is the idea behind The Studio? I must admit, it is so complex and honestly fascinating that I can’t really explain it without their help. All as I can say is that many props were involved, even including a chair. Yes, a folding chair. For starters, it’s called Katonah Yoga, which is a combo of Hatha yoga poses and geometry, which help to develop stability and dimension. The real goal goal of the practice is to become whole, in order to live a life of integrity and happiness.


To help you – this is their mission statement, “We practice yoga to broaden the mind and develop the imagination. Consider the body as a house; the mind is the body’s occupant, that implicit, but most powerful, aspect of a self. The practice is a dialogue between mind and body, mediated by the breath; one’s internal atmosphere and the cosmic material that it receives, contains and uses. We practice yoga to alter our psychology by reorganizing our physiology. Yoga engages our body in a physical debate between forms that are personal, habitual, and largely unconscious, and forms that are archetypal, measured, and conscious. By reforming our body’s unconscious habits and introducing more informed and efficient patterns, yoga becomes origami for the body. As we fold and unfold, we develop dimension rather than engaging in the binary struggle between tight and loose. In this way we set up conditions for greater self-knowledge and a more expansive vision, which leads to personal change. This physical insurgence, infused with spirit, is our mission.” Yeah it’s a lot to digest, but I promise you will learn immediately the things to be improved upon and the things lacking in your practice. Head on over – THE STUDIO 302 Bowery (2nd Floor) NY NY 10012


Photo credit : The Studio

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