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YogaWorks {officially announcing my yoga teacher training at this yoga sanctuary}


As I have made it very clear via social media, I have been back in NYC this past week visiting my family and discovering a lot of really awesome things in the yoga world. Although I must say my most triumphant moments have been spent at YogaWorks.


This is most exciting because I will be completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training with YogaWorks this August. For a little background, YogaWorks has been around for over 30 years and has trained and trains some of the best yogis in the industry. I’m not gonna name drop, but click here if you’re a name dropper. AKA I am with the right crew. Not to mention my last two classes at their Soho location have just been incredible. My practice has already deepened, which is kinda crazy considering I have been practicing for over 6 years and I can say that these two classes have made a significant difference. I promise I am not just drinking the kool aid, YogaWorks rocks. Vivement August!


Photo credit : YogaWorks

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