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OLY Be {accessible yoga, pilates and meditation all over paris and france}


Last night I had the pleasure of finally trying a community class with OLY Be. Not only are their classes super affordable at 7,50 euros, but they can be found all over the city, in the Parisian suburbs and in other French cities. I took a class with Marie at their headquarters near the Sentier in Paris, and it was truly wonderful. I was encompassed by an ambiance of community, which is difficult to find. I found myself chatting with nearly all of the other students and I thoroughly enjoyed the flow guided by Marie.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about OLY Be. The yoga is incredibly affordable while remaining professional. You have the accessibility of some of the best yoga teachers in France at your fingertips without having to pay the very expensive prices of private studios. Even cooler – the community that comes with. Give it a shot. The staff is friendly, the OLY Bees are lovely and their concept is unique and just fabulous. Check their site for more info. They also have other offers of courses at your home, pretty sweet. They have the hookup.


Photo credit : OLY Be

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