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La Fontaine de Belleville {the dreamiest and coolest french cafe}


I sit here and write about you, La Fontaine. Encompassed by your super dope vibes, good coffee and delicious little bites, I felt it was really important to share your place with my people. It is owned by the owner of Belleville Brulerie – the hippest Parisian coffee brand, found at nearly all of the bobo chic cafes in town (because it’s good). But La Fontaine isn’t just about the coffee, their cool setting and hip crowd – they make everything with care and love, including yummy bites.


So aside from the coffee, you can enjoy a fabulous apéro, lunch and dinner at La Fontaine. All of their fruits and vegetables are selected by La Fontaine themselves from Caroline, at the Marché de la Place des Fêtes. All of their charcuteries and olives oils come directly from the producer. There is no middle man here! Their desserts are completely homemade as well as all of their dishes. Last but very not least, for a little bit of fun – every Saturday from 4 to 7 pm they have the Jazz Trio – Hermon Mehari come and play. You can enjoy their fab tunes for free. Just stop by! I love this place. Come and check it out – La Fontaine de Belleville, 31-33, rue Juliette-Dodu 75010 Paris.


Photo credit : Cafes Belleville


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