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IT Trattoria {italian fresh and fast food in paris}


So you want to eat something delicious, fresh and homemade, that is made with love and fresh ingredients. I confirm, this is very difficult to find in Paris, where things are taken at a slower pace. Well – I have the spot for you! It’s called IT Trattoria and it will solve all of your problems. At IT the products are made daily with care, quality and love.


With a fabulous selection of pizzas, pastas and appetizers, there is something for everyone. Not to mention their wine list is fabulously selected and they even offer Aperol Spritz and Italian beers. All fresh ingredients are imported from Italy, and the sauces are made in house. Their concept – dolce vita, the founders have come together to create what they believe to be the future of fast food: simple cuisine with fresh produce, quick-cooking, all in a modern atmosphere both warm and relaxed, which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. They have succeeded. Please visit their site to find their 3 Parisian locations, and for more information.



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