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Word by Jessie {my new life taking well-being by storm}


As you may have noticed via my Instagram and my site, I have been concentrating quite a bit more on this part “well-being” part of my life at the moment. Well – that’s because I have taken it full force. I am officially the Parisian Well-Being Guru, full-time. With many events and collaborations coming up, I am very excited to announce my whole heart is officially in this project. In tangent, I will be starting the Harvard Business School CORe HBX program at the end of March (here in Paris) and a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with Yoga Works in August. Please continue to follow my Instagram for up to date info on my day to day life and my site for the best of the best here in Paris (hint – I will soon be expanding to include other cities). Bisous mes amies and thank you for all of your continued support. Photos by Ronan Nouri @r.nfilm






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