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Ici Self Care {a very sweet space dedicated to women and harmony}

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“Here, we’ll breathe, float, dance, sing, get and give. Here, we’ll take care of our bodies without neglecting mind, we’ll learn to be at peace on the inside as with the outside. Here, we’ll admire the strength and grace of other women without any dread as they’ll help us spread our wings. Here, we’ll get away from gravity, and open our hearts to beauty with cheerful exercises. Here, we’ll blossom, shine, dream, give and get. Here, kindness will be the rule and our teachers, as travel companions, will show us the way.”

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This is Ici Self Care – a yoga studio dedicated to women and harmony. Their ambition is to calm the pressures of everyday life in a private space where we learn more about ourselves, while embracing our true personality. Ici’s aim is to reconnect with ancient wisdoms that have always put self care first to seek and fin harmony in modern society and most importantly to feel a sense of fulfilment in the present moment. Ici Self Care hosts some of my favorite Parisian teachers (aka all of their teachers). The setting is peaceful and just lovely. There is also a little magic potion to taste after the course. Check them out and don’t look back – Ici-Selfcare, 44 rue des Acacias, 75017. More info on their site.

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