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Humble Warrior {hip hop vinyasa yoga in the center of paris}


As a chick truly passionate about hip hop and vinyasa yoga (duh), finding Humble Warrior was just kismet. But let’s slow down and go over the basics of this new yogi establishment in Pairs. What is a Humble Warrior? As they say, “A HUMBLE WARRIOR is a person who shows modesty and respect while having the skills to fight the challenges of everyday life.” It is a community of artists, athletes, creatives, lovers and rebels – all of which are yogis in spirit. And for the concept? A fire-y vinyasa practice to the beats of dope hip hop tracks. Who’s in? Me!


After giving it a try I can assure you the practice is exactly as described. You sweat, you breathe, and you leave feeling like a hood warrior. A plus – I guarantee you will loose yourself in the moment in their dark and cozy space. Aesthetic details are also done to a t. It kinda feels like a hip hop dance party, but with yoga. Egos are left at the door, and there is no level necessary to sign up. Everyone can be a Humble Warrior. For the moment classes are every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30 pm at 17 Rue Saint-Marc, Paris, 75002. Other dates will soon be added to the schedule and you can sign up on their website. More info is also available on their Facebook page and their Instagram.



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