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Bob’s Bake Shop & Juice Bar {my franco-american home in paris}

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This morning I had the pleasure of enjoying my Americano at Bob’s Bake Shop. Already a big fan of their Juice Bar, I decided to pay their (more) newly opened address in the 18th arrondissement. So you ask? Why Bob’s? What is it? What makes their Bake Shop and Juice Bar so special from the other’s you have visited in Paris, or maybe even read about on my website? Well I can assure you, Bob’s is different.

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Bob’s Juice Bar was founded by a fellow American in 2006. It was surely one of the first, if not the first address in Paris to drink a juice and eat a real good old American bagel. While I can’t say from experience what Bob’s was like at the beginning, I know very well that now this Juice Bar and Bake Shop makes me feel that American touch in a far away country. Why? Well first off, as I have said before (but I will say it again) they are the only place in all of Paris that makes a dang good bagel. They serve good American style coffee, and espresso too (it’s Lomi people, aka they know what they are doing). Your juice is made to order and at the Bake Shop you can have pancakes whenever you want. Bonus – everything is 100% homemade and the service is super friendly. They have vegan gluten free muffins and cookies and constantly changing veggie bowls. Not to mention, their Bake Shop is huge and an awesome place to bring your laptop and work. You will likely even meet some really awesome people. Go go go! Bob’s Juice Bar – 15 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris & Bob’s Bake Shop – Halle Pajol, 12 Espl. Nathalie Sarraute, 75018 Paris.



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