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Quinola Mother Grain {the best quinoa on the market and the easiest to make at home}


Let’s face it. Quinoa has become a part of our daily life. The wholesome grain is easy to make, extremely nutritious and can even be really delicious. With so many different brands on the market, which is the best? That’s an easy one, it’s Quinola Mother Grain.


All of Quinola Mother Grain products are certified Fairtrade quinoa, vegan, organic and gluten free. Their Quinoa is sourced directly from the Cabana co-operative in Peru, just north of Lake Titicaca. But they even have certain products grown in Le Havre in France! They even take Fairtrade to the next level – they are helping them to raise long term finance with European financial institutions which enable the cooperative to extend its micro finance scheme, giving the farmers their first access to capital at non-usurious interest rates.


While Quinola features quinoa ready to be prepared and even express products (which I have totally fallen in love with). Tastes range from Mexican, golden vegetables, simple whole grain, Indian style chickpeas, pearl and black and split pea ready to microwave or eat at room temperature! Aka, everyone finds their happiness with Quinola. Their products are available in your local European organic grocery store, and even Monoprix and Amazon. You will love the facility and deliciousness of Quinola. Guaranteed. Check their site for more info on this amazing brand.



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