The Best Birthday Gift I Got and The Best Holiday Gift To Give {helen ficalora necklaces & momofuku milk bar goodies}

HelenHappy birthday to me! This past Tuesday I celebrated my birthday. Hence, the commencement of the holiday season. No I did not need anything, but I received the most beautiful necklace and I am thus obsessed with Helen Ficalora. This bohemian jewelry brand is located in Nolita and known for their charm style necklaces. For my big day, I got a J necklace (with a little bling) and a birth stone charm. I never plan to take it off. Such a wonderful piece. As for you? Buy your friends and family Momofuku Milk Bar goodies. If you’re not in town, and you need them pronto, they can be shipped. The cookies and cakes alike are to die for. Check it out. Your gift receivers will be thankful you did. Visit

Milk for Xmas


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