How I’m Keeping Warm in More Than One Way {etoile isabel marant puffer & stumptown roasters at the ace hotel}

The coveted winter puffer jacket. An Isabel Marant down coat. It may or may not currently be in my wardrobe already ;) It’s warm, it’s puffy, it’s awesome. No more cold and cranky cold days for me, this coat will be keeping me seriously warm. I weathered last winter in no such thing, I deserve to roam the streets carefree this season! I kind of wish it were already freezing, just to throw this beaute on! Coffee is another topic of conversation for the upcoming 50 and below days. I have grown painfully addicted to Stumptown Coffee. The “Hair Bender” blend in particular. Luckily, Third Rail Coffee brews it just a few blocks from my house, but I highly suggest going to Stumptown’s sole brick and mortar location in the Ace Hotel. They’re serious about coffee there with good reason. Their iced latte is pretty incredible. Soon I will be saying goodbye to decidedly iced drinks and moving to other end of the spectrum. Stumptown, you will continue to be my friend. Today I picked up my own bag of “Hair Bender” to brew at home. Hoorah!



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