My Most Recent Meals in Paris {they’ve been real good at bread & roses and merci café}

Yesterday I was a chic Parisian thanks to Inès. I took her up on grubbing suggestion and I checked out Bread & Roses in the 8th. While my lunch completely broke the bank, it was worth every penny. I ordered “le petit chèvre,” which consists of chèvre on nut and raisin toasts, topped with sun dried tomatoes. It also came with a side salad. Could not have been better. Today I went to Merci café on Beaumarchais. I had been to the store, but never the café. It was adorable. Such a fantastic setting. The food was equally pleasing. I had a parmesan and prosciutto salad with fresh tomatoes and baguette. Definitely saved shopping at the store for dessert. I may or may not have bought a pair of Isabel Marant jeans in my travels today. Stay tuned.

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