What’s Cooking Good Looking? {aka what i’ve been doing eating and buying}

Things have been absolutely crazy these past few days. I have been super super busy, but I thought y’all would be interested to know what I’ve been doing. Last night I went to the Lil Wayne show at PNC Center. It was truly a spiritual awakening. Weezy, you’re my boy.

But also safe to say that I was hurting today. Bar Pitti cured me. Their “Campagnolo” panini is out of this world. Tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, olive oil & parmigiano: there is a god.

I’ve also been doing a decent amount of shopping. I scored J Brand Skinny Fit Mid Rise jeans today in a fabulous wash. Along with a t-shirt by Sundry. The above isn’t the exact one, mine is yellow and does not have the large “Locals Only” on the front. Yet it is still distressed and fantastic.

And in even better news, I should be receiving my clothing allowance garments from DVF within the next few days. I ordered the Carpreena dress in black (above), along with the Eris Top (in a different shade of red). Great staple pieces. I also got the signature Diane von Furstenberg Andy Warhol Scarf, and a cute little travel organizer (below). Thanks for hooking me up DVF!


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One Response to What’s Cooking Good Looking? {aka what i’ve been doing eating and buying}

  1. Mary Beth Yates says:

    You have been living Word!!! enjoy!!

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