Throw It In The Bag {what’s in mine}

“What’s in my bag?” is always my favorite part of the magazines. I thought maybe ya’ll would want to know what is in mine. My bag collection is pretty endless but this Alexander Wang Marti is a mainstay.

From the top right: A G2 pen, I’m really OCD about neatness and these pens make everything look clean and fabulous. Clairefontaine notebooks, I always need a spot to write things down. Clarefontaine does it with style. My scalloped See by Chloe wallet, I get an unusual number of compliments on this wallet. But I understand why, it’s adorable. Mini Purell hand sanitizer, gotta stay clean in the dirty city. Louis Vuitton key pouch, I keep my train tickets, metro card & keys in and on this bad boy. It’s multipurpose. Chanel lipgloss, it’s a classic bag staple. Trident Splash, I’m a freak about gum. I always need some fruity gum in my bag. Bright red Chanel lipstick, it’s great layered underneath the lipgloss. Chanel red will remain timeless. Moleskine datebook, it’s how I keep my life together. Last but not least: Werthers candies, they’re really addictive but I can’t live without them.


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