Links à la Mode: Lingerie. {kiki de montparnasse & princesse tam tam here in paris, on the street & of course the coveted angels}

It’s an unavoidable attraction on the streets of Paris. My two famed and beloved Lingerie designers are in fact French. Their designs stray far away from “run of the mill” lingerie, and are creative, sexy and innovative.

Princesse Tam Tam is all over Paris. Her shops permeate every chic shopping district, and her cute slogans make the boutiques pop. I am a fan of her girly undergarments. They are not too much, but make a statement. I recently made some Tam Tam purchases (ssshh). The swimwear is also pretty fantastic.

Kiki’s pieces are a bit more extreme, but strongly execute a unique vision. While her first boutique was in New York, her essence is completely French. The woman can make cotton look sexy. Don’t ask me how.

Lingerie is no longer a simple undergarment, it has hit the streets. The splash of lace either as an accessory or a garment is such a necessary touch. I love pairing a lace slip dress with a trench coat, super chic.

And I must say it kind of all begins with Victoria’s Secret Angels. Don’t lie, they’re your idol. Love these gals, and know they are the true perpetrators of lingerie everywhere.

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