(One) of the best boutiques in Paris {swildens, swildens, swildens & an lol}

I’ve made mention of Swildens in previous posts, but it was certainly not enough. I was lucky enough to discover this little boutique in Saint Germain just steps away from the APC headquarters. It is located next to the APC store on Rue Madame. This fabulous little French brand is super chic, yet understated. Their store spews a très cool ambiance, of which I most certainly want to be a part of. Their garb consists of light neutral dresses, totes with graphic prints and a few leather satchels. Skulls are kind of their mascot, which makes me love them even more.

How can you snag your Swildens if you are not visiting Paris in the near feature? I’m giving you two options. Of course the fabulous Otte (of NYC) carries Swildens. Therefore you can either visit one of their many Manhattan locations, or their website which features eCommerce. The other option is to go directly to http://www.swildens.fr/ Sorry folks but the site is in French. So unless you are proficient in the language, I would stick to Otte, or another purveyor.

Funny anecdote. Yesterday, I went out for lunch with APC coworkers to an “American-Style” diner called Coffee Parisien. I was looking forward to having a Caesar salad considering it’s been over two weeks and it’s usually a staple in my diet. All as I’m going to say is that American’s should stick to Caesar salads, I probably would have been much for satisfied with a Burger and fries.

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