Another Sunny Day in Paris {grub, potential APC sample sale purchases, a bit of scarf research & the newest lusts}

It’s essentially my Parisian diet. These images seem to be reoccurring blog post after blog post throughout my time in Paris. I can’t get enough of the ham & cheese sandwiches and the steak tartares. Last night I tried a tartare called “Poêlé.” This is when the tartare is flashed over the stove creating a crispy exterior on the meat. I highly suggest it to any other fellow tartare lovers.

This morning I helped to sort the garments for the APC Sample Sale that will be occurring next week. All those who are in Paris, I strongly urge you make an appearance. Follow me on twitter @wordbyjessie for dates and times. I am a huge fan of the Madras pieces which are being sold. I’ll probably be in trouble with my bank account after this sale.

In addition to the garment organization, I have been doing scarf inspiration research. Such beautiful and vibrant colors. We all know a scarf makes every outfit better.

Being in a new and different country should mean exploring new and different things. But of course I find myself lusting after Marant. The Ritchi sweater is currently the golden beacon I NEED, and the shoes would also do. If anyone wants to buy me presents….

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4 Responses to Another Sunny Day in Paris {grub, potential APC sample sale purchases, a bit of scarf research & the newest lusts}

  1. Shilpi says:

    Love the print on those scarves!



  2. Samantha says:

    I just went to Paris two weeks ago and fell in love with the city, people, and especially the food. I can see why you loved it too!

    Check out my blog to see some of my Paris photos.


  3. photohogger says:

    Aaah, Paris + sandwiches = perfect!

  4. Vasare says:

    WOW FOOD Looks just amazing!

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