Hump Day Nombre Un à Paris! {the best lunch i’ve ever had, my new project at APC and my little get away tomorrow}

So it’s officially the middle of the week here in Paris. So far, it has been INCREDIBLE. But I definitely had one of my best meals today. It was at a little café just steps outside of my office. Ready to be tempted?

My sandwich was prosciutto, lettuce, tomato, an unknown delicious cheese and a touch of sauce on a baguette. I was in heaven. My mom had the same but in a ham variation. I stopped in this café for a croissant on my first day of work. The croissant was pretty damn good but I didn’t it expect to get this good.

No wonder the line to get in is always outrageous. It’s THAT good. Their pastries look equally delectable. For my newest little project for APC, I am looking for chic and cool brands and boutiques which also have eCommerce. I have some in mind, but am still searching. Any ideas people?

Tomorrow I am off to the Countryside of Paris for the night (Dreux). I will be helping sort APC archives with a coworker. Very excited to see all the beauty I have heard about for so long.

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