Welcome to APC {the first day, the aura & the essence of this fabulous brand}

Who are these random people jumping around outside one of the APC boutiques in Paris? I couldn’t tell you. But the photographs are a true representation of the lifestyle and attitude of APC. Cool, chic and happy.

Truly the best saying. It is one of APC’s t-shirt graphics and I am quite found of it. Once again it expresses their care free tude.

Here is an interior and exterior shot of an APC boutique in the beautiful city of lights. While the exterior of this boutique does not correspond with the interior of the other boutique, I feel these images translate the aura I perceived within the many shops.

APC and APC Madras are separate brands people. Yes they are both APC, but they are completely separate lines. I too had trouble comprehending this at first but it has now been confirmed. APC speaks to a more classic and preppy image, while Madras is youthful.

I am loving every bit of my time working with APC, and it is only beginning. Stay tuned.

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