My Trip Continues {ze first weekend in paris}

A truly incredible start to my trip. I had a fabulous weekend full of late nights and exploration of the city of lights. I took a photograph of this painting at a Flea Market in the neighborhood I am staying in: Place d’Italie.

The food here is out of control. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Unbelievable that the food in a small super market looks this delicious. Croissants everyday, why would anyone complain about that?

Luckily, I made out like a bandit before I left for Paris in the form of cash gifts. I decided to buy myself a little present (thanks for those that threw the cash). In the spirit of Parisian style, I bought myself this adorable and super chic Isabel Marant one shouldered Ida Blouse. Ahhhhhh. Even being in the Isabel Marant store was a euphoric experience.

Me and the girls in front of the concept and clothing store “Merci.” Super cool spot. They had Vanessa Bruno, Marant & APC on sale. Enough said. It was fantastic.

Tomorrow I start my internship at APC. I am super excited. Wish me luck people.

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6 Responses to My Trip Continues {ze first weekend in paris}

  1. Lucky is right!

    You know Adriana Lima and the VS girls personally? Way cool. Are they as tall as on the show? I’d die. lol…

    Your blog is awesome, no wonder she loves it too. ;)


  2. Gina Michele says:

    Lovely pics!
    Have a great first day tomorrow!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  3. Alexa says:

    This seems amaz!! Good luck!!

    Follow each other?


  4. Claire and Vasia says:

    Amazing Paris! We hope you have an amazing time there :) Have fun :D

  5. good luck girl….have fun….

  6. reubenvision says:

    so jealous

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