Vive La France! {day two: louvre, tartare & saint-germain}

First stop, the Louvre. If you’ve been, you know words can’t describe. If you haven’t been, GO. Afterwards, my father and (basically) sister Charley cruised “le jardin des Tuileries.” Some men were selling Eiffel Tower doo-dads.

Crossing the Seine, I saw one of the top ten cutest things I’ve ever seen. These locks are attached by couples when they visit Paris: symbolizing loving forever. Adorable, non?

Safe to say I was starved after the rues, upon rues of walking this morning (nice Franglish …I promise I’ve been speaking as much French as I can). The Steak tartare at “Les Tons Tons” in the 15th was ridiculous.

Saint-Germain was absolutely beautiful. I am so lucky to be working there for my entire time here. Starting on Monday and ecstatic.

Even stopped by the DVF boutique while I was in Saint-Germain. Can’t wait to be back working there in July! 

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