Bienvenue Paris! {the trip, the food, the pompidou}

As I say goodbye to my handy dandy Blackberry Torch, I say hello to my kind of ghetto Parisian Samsung flip phone (courtesy of the lovely Kat). But the trip is underway and already beyond fabulous.

Saying goodbye to the dirty Jersey and hello to the beautiful Paris, France. Summer and the City (a pre-Sexy & the City Carrie Bradshaw novel) was a huge help throughout the 7 hour flight.

Foie Gras. I’ve been told it’s incredible. I’m getting used to it. But it sure does look damn good in this photograph. Oh, and why does Coke Zero taste so much better in Europe?

While the art was beyond incredible, I was most impressed by the modern architecture of the Centre Pompidou. The building itself is exquisite, not to mention the rooftop restaurant and library.

Just some of my “keyest” shots from the Pompidou. Truly a magnificent day. Make sure to check back daily for my Parisian updates. Bonsoir Bloggers!

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2 Responses to Bienvenue Paris! {the trip, the food, the pompidou}

  1. Mary Beth Yates says:

    WOW!!! Word takes Paris!!!

  2. Brettie says:

    Your photo’s are magical! Puts us right there with you! I love the Pompidou & all of it’s nooks and crannies! Close to the Marais… another fav!

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