& It’s Released {calypso st. barth for target: my picks and opinions}

In all honesty, I was disappointed with this collection. I showed up to Target early on May 1 to get first picks, and felt a buzz-kill. Many of the garments seemed as though they were typical Target pieces, simply with a Calypso St. Barth tag attached. But then again, I shouldn’t have been very surprised, this is the way I typically feel about Target’s collaboration collections.

The cosmetic cases were the best part of the collection in my opinion. But, they were not advertised in the store. What the heck! Bear in mind I shopped the collection on the first day that it was released and they were already hidden among the mounds of other cosmetic cases in the beauty area. But on a brighter note, they are durable and adorable!

The home wear collection also had some decent pieces. I loved the elephant tea pots, but am curious if the quality is favorable. The tables and trays were also cute, but also did not stand out among the rest of Target’s home collections.

All in all, my advice is to go on the Target website if you are interested in this collection. The store poorly advertised the collaboration and did not have the greatest selection. Go to a Calypso sample sale, that’s where you’ll hit the real jackpot.

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