Picasso Impacts Modern Style {all ombre everythang}

Obvi Picasso is the super star of all artistic superstars. But recently, all forms of beauty have taken on his essence. Somewhat reminiscent of Lupe & Jay-Z’s statement of “All Black Everything”, it’s all ombre everything. Imbedded in nearly all of Picasso’s artistic phases, ombre is a component. His abstract, blue, landscape & portrait masterpieces, all evoke this style.

We all know the hipster world is drinking this Kool-Aide. Celebrities are popping up everywhere with this faded hairstyle. And as I’ve said before, I am thinking of joining the uber-cool masses.

Cosmetics alike consider ombre WINNING. It’s a great look for editorials. Spunky, bright and fabulous. Makes everything pop!

The sexy Hervé bandage dress is infamous in it’s ombre fabrication. It’s a standout cocktail silhouette, which looks best with high shine heels and swept up locks. And no, I do not mean ALL ombre EVERYTHING here. Keep the hair a single shade and the makeup simplistic.

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5 Responses to Picasso Impacts Modern Style {all ombre everythang}

  1. Mary Beth Yates says:

    Ombre Leger!!! Love it!!!

  2. Sabrina says:

    I love it! Especially the hair trend!
    Great blog dear

  3. Really nice, but i have to say- the make-up is so awful, like- do i have an hour for make-up in a morning? answer: nop.

  4. segmation says:

    Interesting blog and pictures! I think you readers might my blog about Picasso at http://segmation.wordpress.com/2011/01/04/leonardo-and-picasso-artists-of-their-times-www-segmation-com/. Thanks for allowing my comment.

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