Patriotism is back & the Kate’s do it big {Kate Moss perpetrates, Kate Bosworth renews & Katy Perry is outrageous}

Kate Bosworth sets it off at Coachella. After she rocked this adorable Topshop t-shirt last week at Coachella, I have seen Patriotic t-shirts everywhere. It’s a great way to wear a graphic without the trash. My absolute favorite is the Sass & Bide option on the far right below. It was added to Netaporter just today and retails for $145. Topshop has a few different styles, all at fabulous price points. I think Topshop was the real perpetrator bringing back this trend. They have been featuring Patriotic pieces for the past few seasons.

From the left: Topshop $36, Wildfox Couture $77, Sass & Bide $145.

But, we all know Kate was the real entrepreneur. It’s truly her signature. The editorial in the October 2008 issue of Vogue, Moss was featured in Patriotic garb. And who could forget the famous photo of Moss flaunting the British flag circa early 21st century.

Too many Kates in stars and stripes. Even Katy Perry rocked the look. She’s a bit outrageous, I couldn’t leave it out.

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15 Responses to Patriotism is back & the Kate’s do it big {Kate Moss perpetrates, Kate Bosworth renews & Katy Perry is outrageous}

  1. I have always loved patriotic styles. I have owned a Union Jack shirt since ’99 (WOW). I have been trying to score that US flag t-shirt from Topshop but it’s sold out :(


  2. vonmachc says:

    Love when the british flag is incorporated in fashion. Cute blog, great inspiration!


  3. Angela Donava says:

    Les couleures du drapeau de la Bretagne sont tres belles!!!

    Angela Donava

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  5. herCatwalk says:

    Just in time for the 4th of July in a couple of months!

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  7. A says:

    I went through a major Americana phase last summer, and I don’t regret it at all! I love wearing stars and stripes, and I’m not even American!

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  9. I LOVE union jack clothing. I especially want some rockstar pants like Kate’s. I saw someone wearing some at the past fashion week here in NYC and I was drooling!

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  12. I remember buying the most outrageous and hardly discreet Union Jack t-shirt for my brother yeeeeeears ago! he absolutely love it…not sure he would be brave enough to wear it today, it was basically a Union Jack flag cut in the shape of a t-shirt :P now he goes for more discreet designs, but he had a lot of fun with it and received many compliments. Kate Moss in the shirt with the same print looks so fresh and beautiful

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  15. Alexis Mosnier says:

    Is there a way to order the Kate Moss Vogue October 2008 Featuring The British Union Jack Flag in a large format to be framed? Thanks

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