Dress Up Topshop {the party to celebrate topshop’s new collection}

Last night Topshop put on a pretty fabulous party in celebration of their new “Dress Up” Collection. It was a a very exciting night. They describe the collection as “statement making dresses full of high-octane fun and irreverence for the style-styled party girl.” Sounds a little bit like me! (Hehe) Anyways, Topshop served complimentary cocktails and treats. Even better, attendees received free fabric bag (ooooh aaaah). Personal shoppers were in tow, along with hair and beauty styling. Yay! “From rock and roll cool to understated elegance, a girl can never have too many dresses. Be a style experimentalist and wear yours with intangible cool.” Thanks Topshop, you got it right!

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4 Responses to Dress Up Topshop {the party to celebrate topshop’s new collection}

  1. Mary Beth Yates says:

    WORD you always get it right!!!

  2. Steffy Roos says:

    Soooo cool!!
    And I want ALL the dresses :) think they’re all amazing!

  3. mari says:

    lucky you!
    i’m totally in love with that collection and with your lovely look.
    girly and yet really pretty.


  4. yum. the dresses look so cute. randomly stumbled across your blog. its lovely. will check back again soon :)

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