‘Twas a Big Day for Word by Jessie {fitting at seventeen magazine}

Nearly two weeks ago, I received some wonderful news for me and my blog. Seventeen Magazine contacted me to be in their August Denim Issue! They are using young bloggers as the models, and I could not be more excited! Today I went in for my fitting. Within the week, four of these denim looks will be posted on http://www.fashism.com/, and ya’ll can vote for which pair you like best! Your pick will be what I wear in the August issue. I will keep everyone updated, but check my twitter (@wordbyjessie) for updates. Here is a little photog recap of my fabulous day!

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5 Responses to ‘Twas a Big Day for Word by Jessie {fitting at seventeen magazine}

  1. Mary Beth Yates says:

    Thats so cool!! Can’t wait to vote!

  2. Maycie says:

    That’s wonderful! I just found your blog on IFB in the “how do you get your blog noticed” discussion and honey I think you may be doing okay. Keep it up!

  3. Brettie says:

    Fantastic! When you texted I thought you were going for a PROM DRESS fitting!! Way to go!!

  4. kresqwka says:

    fantastic& yummy !!;)

  5. Eline says:

    Wow. How nice! That’s a great opportunity.
    And what a lovely blouse!

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