{out with the old & in with the new} How to sell your old goods on eBay and make a bunch of cash!

Want a new wardrobe for Spring but have no idea how to fund it? I have just the solution for you. Over the past few months I have been selling old clothes, bags & shoes on eBay and making a bundle of money. It’s very simple. Here’s a little step by step on how to get started!

1. Make an eBay account. It is free, and you get all the perks of buying and selling!

2. Go to the selling module and click “sell an item,” eBay will then take you through a few steps to categorize your item so that it is easy for buyers to find. When eBay asks you which selling forum to use, I suggest “More Listings Choices.” I promise it is not more complicated, but gives you an opportunity to customize your item further.

3. Describe your item! In the title, I suggest using brand names, and if the item is new w/ tags, or new w/out tags to state it as well. This gives buyers a draw towards our item. I also highly suggest using their “Item specifics” module to further describe your item. It helps buyers narrow down to your item easily. In the longer description at the bottom of the page, I suggest you be as specific as possible. Try and find the item on the internet and use a website’s description. Also include the retail price, it makes the buyer think they are getting a good deal!

4. Pictures. If the item is still up for sale via eCommerce, I suggest using a stock image as well as your own. Make the stock image the first image, this makes buyers think the item is new and in great condition. When taking your own photographs, you don’t have to get too fancy. Try to only take one or two, and state in your description that they can inquire for more photos. This saves you money in the picture upload.

5. Pricing. Set your item low. I always think my items are fab, and want to give it them a high price. But in reality, people are looking for a deal on eBay, and it’s better to start low because it gives you a better chance of starting a bid war. Also, include a buy it now option for a price you would be willing to accept. It makes the process a lot easier, and allows buyers to buy the item if they so desire.

6. Shipping. USPS is always the cheapest way to go. I highly suggest this. UPS is much more expensive than you would anticipate. $10.00 is usually a good place to price shipping for basic garments.

7. Other options. Ebay will give you the opportunity to bold your items title in searches and add a photo gallery. From past experience, this is usually a waste of money. While it seems to be a very minimal expense at around 2 bucks, it really adds up.

8. Sell it baby! Don’t get discouraged if one or two of your items don’t sell. It happens. Stay confident and I promise you will be rolling in the dough sooner than later!

9. How to get paid. Paypal is the best way. Once you are sent the money, you can transfer it directly to a bank account, and it only takes a few days to clear.

Feel free to ask other question! It’s definitely help me add to my Spring Wardrobe!

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One Response to {out with the old & in with the new} How to sell your old goods on eBay and make a bunch of cash!

  1. AP 23 says:

    I love eBay ;-) but have you ever thought of one thing: you can display as many pictures on ebay as you wish and don’t have to pay for it. You just simply upload them to e.g. flickr and insert their html-code into the html-box when you make your description for the item you want to sell.

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