Zac Posen: Oh it is love.

Love Posen. So is it surprising that I loved this show? Not really. The tailoring was impeccable as usual, and the silhouettes were delicate. Posen mixed tuxedo pants with both leather and fur jackets. His palate was simplistic: mostly consistent of black, but with a few splashes of a deep blue and a powder pink. All models wore black pumps. The makeup was flashy and blue, and the hair was glam with a curl. Posen put on an all around solid runway show. It was the perfect contrast of girly and punk.

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6 Responses to Zac Posen: Oh it is love.

  1. Iliyana L says:

    love all of the photos :)
    nice blog! i’m gonna visit it again :)
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  2. Oh, all of those outfits are so utterly SWOON-worthy!

  3. 3ate4 says:

    Not a great fan on pink but I that dress is lovely.

  4. Kristen says:

    i am all about this collection! i really didn’t see one misstep

  5. cylia says:

    zac posen. really grrat collection. almost never fails to impress me.

  6. letizia says:

    love the pink outift !!

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