Oh How I Loved Blumarine!

What an absolutely fabulous collection. The show commenced, quite shockingly, with sporty coats and zestful knitwear. A change from Blumarine’s recent punk rock, and print heavy collections to say the least. While the collection was widely different than what we are used to from Blumarine, it was cohesive and sensible. I loved the abundance of camel, black & navy and was especially pleased to see that color blocking penetrated through the collection. It reassured me that I was in fact at the Anna Molinari Blumarine show, and not some Ralph Lauren/Calvin Klein offshoot. The show closed with garments in primary colored lace, a perfect way to draw together the practical sportswear, and bold Crayola pieces. Favorite collection at Milan Fashion Week fosho.

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4 Responses to Oh How I Loved Blumarine!

  1. Your blog is so amazing! I loved your posts, all the photos you postes! Now on i’m following you on bloglovin, follow me back if you want to?
    xxx Tamy

  2. Tren says:

    love your blog, great pics and what a lovely sense of style you have!

    Your blogdesign looks amazing as well!

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