Happy 90th Gucci!

Milestone? I would say so. When I received my WWD today, I was intimidated by the 20 page (or more) “Gucci Milestone” section, to say the least. They most certainly highlighted the nine decade journey “from leather craftsman to a multinational empire,” and did not skip a beat. Advertisements of praise from the Neiman Marcus Group to Unicef graced the pages. The bamboo bits will remain timeless, as well as their fabulous jet-setting luggage. Who could forget their classic loafer. Their fragrance has been a marvelous trouper through it’s many existences. They have branded a solid and successful image, which I feel, will continue to remain strong for many more decades to come. Their beautiful retail stores have lured in customers and will surely continue to. Even in our new technologically advanced age, Gucci stands strong with nearly 3 million hits per month on their newly revamped luxury digital flagship, gucci.com, which launched in September. Hoorah Gucci! Proud as ever. Below are some of my favorite Gucci moments.

Jackie O Sporting some Guc

Tom Ford oversees Women’s Ready-to-Wear design in 1990

The new lustful Gucci Bamboo Bag

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3 Responses to Happy 90th Gucci!

  1. Mary Beth Yates says:

    Word, you never fail to Wow me! You fashion knowledge is truly impressive!

  2. Emmy says:

    Woo, that’s so cool! This blog is great I find lots of inspiration

    have a good day:)

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