The Perfect Portable Blogging Device: MacBook Air 11-inch

What could be better? A baby Mac, that weighs nothing to carry around and whip out when you are suddenly inspired. I will admit, I ordered it yesterday. I cannot wait. Here are 5 reasons why I think this is the “Perfect Portable Blogging Device”

1. It’s super fast. It uses flash memory.

2. It has more pixels per inch than any Mac on the market.

3. It is super lightweight and small. Fits in your purse.

4. Nearly the same size as the iPad (only about 1 inch bigger), therefore it fits into all those fancy iPad cases out there.

5. Long lasting 5 hour battery. Because everyone knows that fashionistas are on the go and need maximum laptop accessibility.

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5 Responses to The Perfect Portable Blogging Device: MacBook Air 11-inch

  1. I must say, I am lusting for this. It is ultimately just a satellite computer, though. So I dream one day to replace my heavy clunky macbook with an imac at home and a 10″ macbook air for on-the-go. This way I can do the heavy lifting at home , using the imac for anything requiring a DVD, and the big screen for photoshop.
    Then for while I am out (which is most the time), the macbook air is indeed a fab tool for blogging, and a fab tool for stylists as well. I would love something I can carry in my purse on locations and to photostudios, as currently my iphone is my walking office (which, great as it is, can fall short in that regard).

  2. WanderLust says:

    a bloggers dream :) Great blog! will def be back!

  3. Kristen says:

    i’d kill for this! my laptop now just isn’t cutting it

  4. Consuela says:

    I totally agree!!
    Apple can truly make wonders!!
    Great blog btw :)

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