The Row is a Hit, MJ is a Miss.

Some get lucky on Valentine’s day, and others don’t. The Row clearly took the cake over Marc Jacobs. I absolutely loved the Row’s collection this year. The collection was full of total and complete show stoppers. I can only say one word: FABULOUS. Tailoring was the name of the game, each silhouette was done to perfection. While most of the garments were rather minimalist, the fur transformed the collection into something memorable and outrageous. Unfortunately, Marc Jacobs did not fair quite as well. To be honest, the embellishments on most of his garments looked to me like fish scales, and the colors did not do these fish justice. And the latex, come on now. I had hoped to see something girly and fresh, not something reminiscent of the Dead Sea. C’mon Marc.

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3 Responses to The Row is a Hit, MJ is a Miss.

  1. Emily says:

    Unfortunately, I agree with this about Marc Jacobs’ collection this time. I really didn’t enjoy it, and the first thing I also thought of was scales!

  2. nesha says:

    True, it’s such a fantastic collection!!

  3. Amberlee says:

    Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good informioatn.

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