New Fave: Barbie Rocks

Still a little girl at heart? I think we all are just a bit, I know I am. This would explain my obsession with Barbie Rocks. Barbie Rocks is a high end jewelry brand, which prides itself in it’s Barbie bling. I personally love their Barbie dog tags. The sterling silver tags have Barbie’s signature head carved out of the center. They retail for $125.00, a perfect layering piece. But Barbie Rocks do have rocks to show off. In addition to their basic sterling silver pieces, they have some serious diamond studded Barbie pendants. Could Barbie Rocks be the new Kimora for Hello Kitty?

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2 Responses to New Fave: Barbie Rocks

  1. anni says:

    just discovered your blog; enjoyed it a lot !
    greetings from brussels, belgium

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