No Prada for Barneys?

Apparently Barneys has dropped all Prada merchandise, except menswear and shoes, for the Spring! A source within Barneys says that this is due to a problem with leasing. Prada wanted to lease their space, but Barneys doesn’t do that. The Prada handbags section will be succeeded by Valextra, a Barneys exclusive handbag line. Here is the official statement from a Barneys spokesperson. “Prada has been and continues to be an important vendor for Barneys New York. We will continue to carry footwear for both Men and Women as well as Mens Ready to Wear. Prada’s exit in the categories of Women’s leather goods and Women’s Ready to Wear was planned prior to Mark Lee’s arrival as CEO of Barneys and stemmed from the unwillingness of Barneys to consider leased departments. Barneys stands by the no vendor leased space still today enabling us to retain our point of view in our stores.”

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  1. Dany says:

    Your article was excellent and eriudte.

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