No Models for Prada?

Prada will be releasing a limited collection of 500 pairs of the crazy baroque cartoon-like sunglasses from their Spring 2011 collection. These glasses will be sold in stores. Prada is turning to illustrators for advertisement of these goods instead of models! The release read “To underscore the uniqueness and creativity which lie behind the production of these accessories Prada has opted to given an account of eyewear through the work of three illustrators…Ivo Bisignano, Marcela Gutierrez and Andrea Tarella,” Therefore it makes sense that Prada is selling their sunglasses as works of art, “Curves, friezes and bas-relief effects are the main design features of the Minimal-Baroque. The colour combinations: white/blue, white/black and white/honey with the choice of acetate, seamlessly coordinate the lines of the frame front and arms sculpted into rococo curls, whose decoration is the distinctive feature” said the release. The collection will be released in February at select Prada boutiques, department stores and Ilori. Yayuh.

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