Smart idea from Dr. Scholl’s!

Ladies, let’s get for real. Wearing heels all night is everything but comfortable. While whipping out a cute pair of Delman’s or Repetto’s after a long night out is ideal, it is unrealistic. Dr. Scholl’s has come out with a genius invention. Walgreen’s describes them as “A stylish and practical solution for times when you just can’t bear to take another step in your heels. Bring them with you wherever you go! Perfect for nights out, weddings, traveling through airports and more!” While it is easy make fun of “fast flats”, secretly, we all want a pair. With their sleek carrying case, they are extremely compact and easy to throw in any bag. Using their carrying case as a wristlet is taking it a bit far, but in any sense I am definitely picking up a pair. P.S. They are only $12.99.

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One Response to Smart idea from Dr. Scholl’s!

  1. oh, HELLZ, yeah. I got a pair of these and carry them in my purse. This way I can carry a small purse and still have insurance for my feet. ( I used to carry a handbag that was far too big for evening just to carry a pair of flats). This is NYC, excessive walking simply cannot be avoided.

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