Barneys vs Bergdorfs

I was in serious hopes of finding some new pieces for my fall wardrobe while out shopping today. Barneys and Bergdorfs were the destinations, but which was better? To be honest with you, I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the selection at Barneys. I actually found myself trying desperately to find something to buy. I did not succeed. The clothes and shoes were a very dull mix. On the contrary, Bergdorf’s 5F was fabulous! Great shoes, I wanted quite a few pairs! They also had a nice selection of sale, and also cute new pieces. The atmosphere was so much more pleasant, especially compared to Barneys. Sorry B, I like BG.

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One Response to Barneys vs Bergdorfs

  1. ellie toder says:

    i mean i shop at salvation army and kohls so i wouldnt really understand i guess….

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