The ever-coveted item.

Let’s be for real. Who doesn’t want a Chanel white watch. I wish it was even somewhat near my price range because it is honestly the most beautiful thing in the world. Just having a lustful moment over here.

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6 Responses to The ever-coveted item.

  1. jessie says:

    I wasn’t even aware that such glory existed….

  2. halstead says:

    love love love love love.

  3. halstead says:

    ps do you know where theyre selling them, besides in chanel stores. anywhere online?

  4. wordbyjessie says:

    to be honest, i wouldn’t trust anywhere that is selling it online to be real

  5. Jwait says:

    My mom picked one of them up at a store that sells second hand designer pieces.
    Any my mom’s best friend Maria was wearing hers in Mexico City getting her hair done and then some thug walked into the store and threatened her with a knife so she had to give it up..

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