Mad hunt for Mulberry

When I looked at the date this morning, and realized the Mulberry collection for Target had come out yesterday, I freaked out a little. Unfortunately I was late on reading the Sunday styles, and found out just today that the pre-release of the bags on Gilt Groupe last week sold out immediately. I knew I needed to get to a Target and fast. After going to my local Target, I was informed that the only Target in the area that sold them was 30 minutes away. But that was not stopping me. My mom and I trecked to Hackensack, this bag was necessary. To my luck, they had the one I wanted there, BUT only a few left. (It’s the pink cheetah one shown above). FYI people, the bags are not sold at ALL Targets yet, and they are pretty much sold out at the ones that do have it. Get to a Target fast. Or you will miss out.

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One Response to Mad hunt for Mulberry

  1. I know! I was lucky enough to find the large leopard bag but that was alllll they had left at my local target! Good luck if you continue to hunt!

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